Pass It On!

Over the holidays, I had the opportunity to visit with two teachers who made a positive impact upon my personal growth and development.


One was my fifth grade teacher, Mr. Donald Scarlett and the other was my seventh grade teacher, Mrs. Nettie Ryan. Seeing them brought back fond memories, joy to my heart, and reminded me of the blessing to have them in my life.  During our time together, I was reminded of what made them such special teachers.

  • They possessed a caring and kind spirit. You always knew you were more than just a student. They cared about you personally.
  • They asked questions to challenge your thinking. Getting you to stretch beyond the norm was important to them.
  • They wanted you to “be your best.” To them, teaching went beyond the academic work; it was also about developing your character and values.
  • They engaged with your parents. They were committed to ensuring that what you learned in their classroom transferred into your life.
  • They encouraged. You could count on them to be your biggest cheerleader!

Our time together was engaging, fun, and enlightening. Indeed, as I left them, I marveled at how they both were continuing to teach me. newlessons

My new lessons…

  • Regardless of age or circumstance, retain a zest for life.
  • Do things with passion!
  • Listening to understand shows others that you care.
  • Making a difference in another person’s life is far reaching.
  • There is always something new to learn.

I am certain that you have teachers who have impacted your life as well.  Give them a call or send them a card and wish them a Happy New Year!  Honor your teachers by passing on to someone else what they passed on to you.


Author: ourbestmovement

I am championing a B.E.S.T. Movement focused on bringing out the B.E.S.T. in people and organizations so that they can achieve estraordinary results FAST! My favorite destination remains my hometown, Daytona Beach, Florida, I love sunshine, blue skies, seafood, beach and speed. The B.E.S.T. Movement is all about connecting you to your B.E.S.T. fast so that you can live a balanced, abundant life that has impact.

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